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Pedagogy (simply focusing in teaching on HOW instead of WHAT) is internationally understood to be the single most important piece you need for delievering good quality education. Breaking the contemporary understanding of effective pedagogy into three manageable pieces, the 3Cs, is an excellent topic for the whole school staff, because everybody working around students should understand how to support their learning.


When deeper understanding and bigger change in learning outcomes are desired, combining workshops with coaching is a great idea.  The effect of a single workshop wears off  fairly soon, but when combined with follow-up coaching sessions the newly learned skill becomes much stronger, and teachers can effectively use these skills in their classrooms. Learning the basics about 3Cs in a workshop is a good start, and applying them in the classroom with the coaching of the trainer strengthens the skill and makes your investement in Professional Development well spent.

With this on-site professional development opportunity your school will take the first steps on the path of becoming a place where students have confidence in themselves as learners, teachers gain more tools for their daily practices and the whole community's well being is improved by happier students and teachers.


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