Nina's Notes

for Effective Teaching and Meaningful Learning

Do you need a Teaching Consultant?

  • Are the teachers in your school struggling with students who lack confidence as learners?    
  • Is the daily schoolwork and participation hard for mainstream students? 
  • Do you wish to improve the learning outcomes in your school?

Pedagogical Consulting

Would you like to bring in some Finnish know-how of education?

Ever since the first PISA evaluations Finland has been the target of educational pilgrims. As a Finn, trained in Finland as a teacher before moving abroad, I can help you find new ways to improve learning, teaching and assessment. Still following the Finnish education development, I am quite excited about the Phenomenon Based learning approach and the YOOJOO model of supporting individual and self-regulated learning.

In an average week students and teachers spend together approximately 20 potential learning hours. Increasing the effectiveness of learning facilitation shows significant growth in students learning. When they find their learning more meaningful, also the academic performance improves. 

Let me help you! Email or call 1-888-9TEACHME (1-888-983-2246)  and start a consulting process, where we will define the  problems together and create a tailored training plan for your school. 




Professional Development

Consulting is designed to advance K-12 and college students’ learning by helping their teachers and instructors to implement self-regulated and student-centered learning practices to their instruction. Education professionals cannot afford not to update their skills, and the professional development - just like ALL learning - is most effective when it is meaningful and enjoyable. 

The contemporary model of leading adult learning combines 

  • training 
  • self-directed learning and 
  • mentoring 

The current professional development models are often characterized with outdated learning theories and approaches. Learning-oriented leadership is needed to make a difference, and one part of this is engaging faculty in meaningful professional development (Drago-Severson, 2009).  The goal is to engage teachers and instructors in student-centered professional development.  In order to improve the educational system, teachers must be provided with meaningful learning opportunities!

"In a world where old norms have frayed and expectations changed, it has become increasingly difficult to justify the industrial-era organization of schooling" (Hess, 2011, p.7).  

So, let's change the professional development!

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