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Nina C. Smith


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I am currently a faculty member at teachers college and mentor teachers, trainers, and educators about learning & technology, instructional design and curriculum & instruction in a fully online learning environment.  

Originally I come from Finland, where education is different, so I am very opinionated and passionate about deep and deeper learning.  My master's degree and teaching qualification are from Finlandand my doctorate in curriculum, teaching, learning and leadership is from the U.S., where I currently live and support teachers and faculty to thrive in their profession.


Deep learning focuses on learning-and learner-centered education.  Students' learning experiences are important for their academic success!

Supporting deep learning and choosing how you teach is easy to do. Making a conscious desicion to focus on learning experiences can help you make a difference in your professional life and with your students. Even if your school or district are not buying into student centered learning there are many things in my Notes you can do in your classroom to improve learning. 

Check my blog or CHT for more ideas. is dedicated for faculty development and features academic content with more references.  Let's connect on Twitter!




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